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  • Audi announces upcoming new ‘highly efficient electric car’
    Audi today announced the launch of a new team group called “Artemis,” and they plan to develop an “efficient electric car” to come to market by 2024. more… The post Audi announces upcoming new ‘highly efficient electric car’ appeared first on Electrek.
  • Chevy redoubles effort to explain EV basics via new video series
    Chevy told us this week that its Bolt EV will carry the weight of GM’s electric vehicle program until the company’s new wave of battery-powered cars arrives. General Motors and the Chevrolet brand will use the Bolt to expand its base of EV buyers beyond early adopters. As part of that effort, Chevrolet published 15 […]
  • EGEB: Green energy beats coal in the US for the first time since 1885
    In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): In 2019, renewables exceeded coal in annual US energy consumption for the first time in more than 130 years. Louisiana has approved a $1 billion wind farm project. Oklahoma’s wind energy is growing like crazy, according to a VP at Goldman Sachs Renewable Energy Group. more… The post […]
  • Tesla and SpaceX ramp up synergy with workers moving, battery purchases, and more
    Tesla and SpaceX are ramping up their synergy effort with workers moving between Elon Musk’s two companies, battery purchases, and more. more… The post Tesla and SpaceX ramp up synergy with workers moving, battery purchases, and more appeared first on Electrek.
  • This odd-looking vehicle is reportedly Lightning’s enclosed electric motorcycle
    Lightning Motorcycles is not just an electric vehicle company that thinks outside the box; its latest vehicle gets rid of the box entirely, opting instead for a fully enclosed motorcycle fairing. more… The post This odd-looking vehicle is reportedly Lightning’s enclosed electric motorcycle appeared first on Electrek.
  • Elon Musk: Tesla is speeding up production and installations of Supercharger V3
    Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla’s slower deployment of Supercharger V3 was due to production, but it is now ramping up. more… The post Elon Musk: Tesla is speeding up production and installations of Supercharger V3 appeared first on Electrek.
  • Squad’s solar-powered mini electric car gets new options, more solar power
    Amsterdam-based Squad Mobility’s solar powered electric two-seater quickly caught our fancy the last time we covered it. Now the Squad Solar City Car is back with updated design options for the solar-powered microcar. more… The post Squad’s solar-powered mini electric car gets new options, more solar power appeared first on Electrek.
  • Tesla confirms Elon Musk unlocks first tranche of his compensation plan worth ~$800 million
    Tesla has confirmed that the first tranche of Elon Musk’s massive CEO compensation plan has vested, and it’s worth almost $800 million. more… The post Tesla confirms Elon Musk unlocks first tranche of his compensation plan worth ~$800 million appeared first on Electrek.
  • Nissan will add only one new EV in the US through 2023
    Nissan yesterday unveiled its four-year growth plan. The Japanese automaker will “right-size” its production capacity and streamline unprofitable parts of its business. At the same time, Nissan said it would invest in areas of strength, such as sports cars and electric vehicles. That said, Nissan will introduce the Ariya EV to the US in 2021, […]
  • Tesla shareholders will vote on using paid advertising, board fights to kill proposal
    Tesla shareholders are going to vote on whether or not the automaker should use paid advertising, something that Tesla has been staying away from, and the company’s board is fighting against the proposal. more… The post Tesla shareholders will vote on using paid advertising, board fights to kill proposal appeared first on Electrek.

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  • Leno Segment With Tesla Cybertruck Offers New Looks, Little News 28 mei 2020
    Jay Leno’s up-close look at the Cybertruck was released Wednesday, but the segment didn’t offer many new details about Tesla’s electric pickup slated for production next year. “Do you want your truck to bulletproof or not?” Musk asked Leno, touting one of the truck’s features. “I guess want my truck to be bulletproof, sure,” Leno... […]
  • Tesla Cuts Prices By Thousands – Standard Range Plus Model 3 Now $37,990. 27 mei 2020
    Tesla vehicles bought in North America received price cuts Wednesday. Model S and X received $5,000 price cuts to $74,990 and $79,990 for the entry-level Long Range Plus versions. Performance versions were also cut by $5,000. Model 3 price was cut by $2,000 for all versions. The base-level Standard Range Plus Model 3 now starts... […]
  • Watch: SpaceX Returns U.S. to Human Spaceflight 27 mei 2020
    UPDATE: Today’s mission was scrubbed due to weather. The next window for launch is scheduled for May 30 at 3:22 p.m. ET. NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are on board the Dragon spacecraft and preparing for a a ride on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket today. Weather is looking promising for a 4:33 p.m.... […]
  • SpaceX Set to Launch Humans into Space on Wednesday 27 mei 2020
    Tomorrow is the big day. SpaceX will launch its first crewed mission, sending NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. For nearly a decade, the U.S. has paid Russia to transport astronauts to the space station, but Wednesday launches a new era. SpaceX will be the first commercial carrier, while Boeing also has contracts to... […]
  • Watch: New Clips from Jay Leno’s Cybertruck Test Drive 25 mei 2020
    Another teaser of Jay Leno’s Garage featuring a test drive of the Cybertruck has been released ahead of the episode’s debut on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET. With Chief Executive Elon Musk in the passenger seat, Leno pilots the raw-metal, futuristic pickup through the streets of Los Angeles. Musk and Leno caused headlines when they... […]
  • Demo-2: Meet the Astronauts 23 mei 2020
    SpaceX is readying its historic launch next week of the Crew Dragon capsule and the astronauts making the trip are on site at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The launch is scheduled for May 27 launch, with veteran NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley manning the mission. Behnken is from St. Ann, Missouri. He has... […]
  • Edmunds: Tesla Model S Performance Gets Best Modern Muscle Car Honors 23 mei 2020
    It’s not traditional, but it checks almost all the right boxes. Edmunds just published its list of the ‘Top 10 Modern Muscle Cars of 2020.’ It includes many of the usual suspects, such as the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Challenger. However, since muscle cars aren’t really a thing these days, there... […]
    Steven Loveday
  • Fallout Shelter Added to Tesla Arcade 22 mei 2020
    Tesla’s 2020.20 software update adds the highly-anticipated Fallout Shelter to the Tesla Arcade. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk, who is well-versed in the post popular gaming titles, said last year during an interview at the E3 gaming convention that Fallout Shelter would eventually be added to the arcade. “Fallout Shelter puts you in control of... […]
  • Will Lockdown’s Lower Pollution Levels Lead To Higher Demand For EVs? 22 mei 2020
    Once people recognize the positive side effect of lockdown, they might start thinking about emissions and EVs. According to a survey of 3,000 users of YourParkingSpace.co.uk in the UK, the lower levels of emissions during the coronavirus lockdown might increase consumer interest in electric vehicles. The reason is simple – people spotted higher air quality... […]
    Mark Kane
  • Lucid Motors Hires Former Deputy General Counsel At Tesla, Jonathan Butler 21 mei 2020
    He will offer Lucid 17 years of legal experience, 8 of which where at Tesla alone. Although Lucid Motors aims to be a unique electric car manufacturer, with exclusive solutions, it has a close relationship with Tesla. It’s CEO, Peter Rawlinson, is the man that engineered the Model S. He now promises the Lucid Air... […]
    Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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  • Autonomous robot chef moves into the kitchen, powered by AI
    During the span of the hustle and bustle that many people encounter on a day-to-day basis in their lives, people tend to have activities outside of work that allow them to alleviate the stress from the monotony of life. From catching the new movie at the cinema, attending a sporting event of a favorite team, […]
  • Tesla (TSLA) gets optimistic outlook from Wall St as Q2’s final month approaches
    Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) recently received an optimistic outlook from Goldman Sachs analysts, with the Wall St. firm maintaining a “Buy” rating on the electric car maker. The updated price target on the company was posted by Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney, who raised TSLA stock’s target from $864 to $925 per share, AnalystRatings reported. TSLA […]
  • Even Tesla underestimates the Model Y’s real potential demand in Europe
    The Tesla Model Y may be the electric car maker’s most understated vehicle in terms of exterior design, but it is also the one that is most ambitious in terms of its target market. This is because the Model Y is competing in the crossover segment, a market that is incredibly popular in regions such […]
  • Tesla solves Model Y frozen door handles and charging port with simple trick
    It is evident that the Tesla Model Y was designed to be competitive in areas where winter performance is invaluable. This is one of the reasons why the all-electric crossover is the first in Tesla’s lineup to receive a heat pump instead of a resistive heating system, and why the vehicle is designed in such […]
  • SpaceX’s historic NASA astronaut launch debut on track for second attempt
    Rather than making history on May 27th, SpaceX’s highest-profile launch ever – Crew Dragon’s NASA astronaut launch debut – was scrubbed just minutes before liftoff by stormy Florida weather. Unfortunately, conditions appear to be even less favorable on Saturday and Sunday backup windows. Weather trended well, until it didn’t The day began with launch fans […]
  • SpaceX fires up Starship’s Raptor engine hours before huge regulatory milestone
    SpaceX has fired up the same full-scale Starship rocket for the fourth time, igniting its Raptor engine less than an hour before the FAA officially published a launch license of the ship’s hop test debut. The ignition marked the fourth time a Raptor engine has been fired up on Starship SN4 since May 5th, thankfully […]
  • Tesla will hold its 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting on July 7
    Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) will hold its 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. In a Securities and Exchange Commission proxy statement filing on May 28, Tesla outlined seven key agenda items to be voted on by company shareholders. Tesla […]
  • Tesla Model 3 extends domination in Europe by topping Austria’s best-selling EV list
    The Tesla Model 3 can add another notch to its metaphorical belt after Austria listed the all-electric sedan as its most popular EV in April. The EV Sales Blog tracks the sale of electric vehicles in hundreds of countries across the world with detailed descriptions of how each car managed to perform in foreign markets. In […]
  • Tesla and other EVs are becoming more attractive to buyers despite the pandemic
    Tesla’s recent price reduction to three of its vehicles will likely encourage consumers to consider an electric car for their next automotive purchase. But the electric automaker is not the only company offering reduced prices on all-electric models during the pandemic, which makes the current time a favorable opportunity to purchase a new battery-electric or […]
  • Once-hailed ‘Tesla Killer’ Mercedes-Benz EQC sells less than 700 since launch: report
    The Mercedes-Benz EQC, a vehicle once considered as a potential “Tesla Killer” and a legitimate threat to the Model X, has reportedly sold less than 700 units in its home country since it was launched. This was according to data from Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, which stated that only 397 units of the EQC […]