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Tesla Owners Club Nederland helping with record deliveries in December

In December we as Tesla Owners Club Nederland, supported Tesla with the delivery challenge they were facing.

Tesla delivered over 30.000 cars in The Netherlands in 2019 and over 12.000 of those in December. Tesla chose to deliver the cars where they arrive in the country, the port of Amsterdam. It’s not just Tesla’s, other cars are also shipped to the portof Amsterdam, such as electric MG’s and electric Nissan’s. Rows and rows of cars parked on huge parking lots, waiting to be picked up by trucks to bring them to the dealerships. Tesla chose to keep the cars parked in the port, simply because there were too many cars to deliver them in a more conventional way. The Tesla Model 3 is the best sold car in The Netherlands in 2019 with 29.922 sales. To put that in perspective: the second best sold car of 2019 is the Volkswagen Polo with 13.000 sales.

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Some of the volunteers helping with the delivery process in Amsterdam.